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garantie 2 ans compliant with the NFP 90-308 Safety standard

Ultima Cover is an all season automatic safety cover compliant with the NF P 90-308 Standard.

Ultima Cover is a different solution in terms of pool covers on the French market. Its automatic cover is easy to use and handle and it is as simple to clean as a flexible cover.

It is composed of completely opaque 580g/m2 PVC fabric that sides in rails that are located along the lengths of your pool. Ultima Cover covers your pool perfectly, leaving no possible access to the water.

The built-in version in a box at the end of the pool is the guarantee of a pool perfectly integrated into its environment. Ultima Cover uses the performance and reliability of hydraulic motorisation.

The Ultima Cover automatic safety cover is limited to a maximum size between rails of 7 x 14m. It is ideal for new build pools and can also adapt to refurbishment projects and to free-form pools.

It is available in five colours: grey, beige, almond green, green and blue.

colorsr ultima cover

Important reminders

No protection systems can replace your constant and active vigilance! Never let children access the pool alone nor leave them alone, even for a few moments.

Ultima Cover is an all season automatic pool safety cover designed to prevent children under 5 years old from accessing the pool. This product complies with the NF P 90-308 standard. It is not a substitute for common sense or personal responsibility. The purpose of this cover is not to replace the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults, which remains the essential factor for the safety of young children. A child can drown in less than 3 minutes, no type of protective measure can replace the monitoring and vigilance of a responsible adult.


Ultima Cover combines the performance of hydraulic motorisation with very long lasting materials and quality workmanship: anodised aluminium rails for corrosion protection, UV treated fabric, high frequency fabric welding…

The performance of the hydraulic motors makes it possible to open and close your pool very quickly (less than a minute for a 9m pool) using a Wi-Key remote control box.

Ultima cover automatic safety cover


Ultima Cover is an especially safe automatic cover because it prevents accessing into the water, even around its edges. The pool is made safe quickly and constraint-free, because Ultima Cover does not require a fixture kit.

DEL's automatic Ultima Covers are compliant with the NFP 90-308 pool safety standard.

Ultima cover automatic safety cover

Peace of mind

Ultima Cover's shutter is easy to use and handle and it is as simple to maintain as a flexible cover. It is an all seasons cover.

Fully opaque and watertight, it is a true barrier against external pollution (leaves, dust, insects, etc.), Ultima Cover keeps your pool perfectly clean all year round. It is an ideal cover for pools close to an abundantly planted environment.

Thanks to its UV treated PVC fabric, Ultima Cover is very easy to maintain, the cover is very easy to clean and will keep its initial aspect for many years.

Cubierta automática de seguridad Ultima Cover